013-Cosmetic registration, Russia, and Customs Union

Definition: Requirements of TR CU (Technical Regulation of Customs Union) applied to all perfumes and cosmetics distributed to Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

  • The CU regulation does not apply to products used for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, as well as cosmetics that are swallowed, inhaled, infused, implanted, or permanently stays on human body.
  • The CU regulation specifies requirements for products and manufacturing processes to protect consumer and environment.

Perfumes and cosmetics are substances or substances intended to be used directly on the outer surface of the body (skin, hair, nails, lips, external genitalia), oral mucous membranes for teeth and mouth for cleansing and correction.


  1. Cosmetics subject to State registration
    • Cosmetics or fragrances for tanning purposes
    • Cosmetics and fragrances for skin whitening
    • Tattoo related cosmetics
    • Hygienic cosmetics
    • Skin protection cosmetics
    • Infant and child cosmetics
    • Dyeing and finishing products
    • Nanomaterials Products
    • Epilating products
    • Peeling products
    • Tooth hygiene products (fluoride 0.15% or more, liquid fluoride 0.05% or more)
    • Tooth whitening products
  1. Cosmetics subject to self-Declaration of Conformity: Cosmetics other than listed above


Registration process:

Cosmetics subject to self-Declaration of Conformity:

Since it is difficult to ask responsibility to foreign manufacturers, Declaration of Conformity shall be issued by importer/distributor located in Russia, Kazakhstan or Belarus. Declaration of Conformity has five year of validity.

Cosmetics subject to State registration:

Foreign manufacturers can apply to the State registration process. Once required data are completely submitted and approved, Certificate of State registration issued.

Foreign manufacturer and exports shall indicate appointed representative on product labeling and packaging.

Since the Certificate of State registration has unlimited validity, the registrant can use the certificate as long as there is no change in its articles.

In order to distribute the product into Ukraine market, additional hygiene test shall be carried out. Ukraine certificate has three years of validity.


Data required for State registration

  • Formulation
  • Instructions for use
  • Labeling and packaging design
  • Documents to proof good manufacturing practice (If have one)