003-Cosmetics (E.U.)

E.U. Cosmetic Regulation, EC 1223:2009

Some of the key requirements of the European Cosmetic Regulation are

  • production of cosmetics shall follow relevant harmonized standard (ISO 22716),
  • appointment of responsible person within territory of the Member State,
  • notification of cosmetic product before placing it on the market; and
  • responsible person to keep product information file.


The Regulation is Consisted with

  • 10 chapters,
  • 40 articles, and
  • 10 annexes


Annexes are

  • I: Cosmetic product safety report
  • II: list of substances prohibited in cosmetic products
  • III: List of substances which cosmetic product must not contain except subject to the restrictions laid down
  • IV: List of colorants allowed in cosmetic products
  • V: List of preservatives allowed in cosmetic products
  • VI: List of UV filters allowed in cosmetic products
  • VII: Symbols used on packaging/container
  • VIII: List of validated alternative methods to animal testing
  • IX-part A and B
  • X: Correlation table



    • All necessary tests,
    • Draw up on safety assessment report both part A and B,
    • Notification of the cosmetic,
    • Responsible person,
    • Draw up product information file