The Entrust, Trued brand for you business

March 23, 2021 0 Comments


Business Area

Medical Device
  • TFDA (Thailand)
  • CE MDD (Europe)
  • S. FDA (Except for PMA)
  • MFDS (Former KGMP, Korea)
  • Russia (Russia and Customs Union).
  • TFDA (Thailand)
  • S.FDA
  • MFDS (Korea, rep. of)
  • Customs Union (Russia)
  • Ukraine
Other services
  • Responsible Person (CPNP, European Cosmetic)
  • CE MDD (EC Representative)
  • S. Agent (U.S. FDA medical Devices)
  • GUDID registration
  • GMDN
  • pre-, 2nd and 3rd party audit
  • Free Sales Cert
  • Quasi-Drugs (Korea, rep. of. Have you heard it? Yea, we have such thing.)


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